Find Select Buy

Find Select Buy specialises in finding the perfect home or investment property for all our clients. Our dedicated team are here to help and are highly trained experts in property and investment.

Our mission is to make the process of buying a property simple and stress free. We look after all aspects of the purchase, finance and build, to ensure that nothing comes between you and your dream of owning your own home.

We have hundreds of home packages available, enabling us to find the perfect package and lifestyle for every client.

Find Select Buy is headed by Director Pierre Lutgens who brings over 15 years of experience in real estate, development, brokerage and financial solutions to all client interactions and he knows how to find the solutions.

Find Select Buy partners with Beyond The Banks to help find the correct home loan for you.

Find Select Buy

Beyond The Banks

BTB Money is a dynamic and fresh organisation that delivers unique mortgage and loan options in the Australian marketplace.

We aim to deliver mortgage strategies that allow customers to maximize their assets and allow them to convert their mortgage into a useful and an exciting investment tool.

It is paramount that your funder understands company, trust and other corporate borrowing structures and BTB Money has provided this service to many of its customers.

BTB Money are extremely efficient in arranging mortgages that fit outside normal lending policies. We look at the transaction at hand as part of a larger and more defined relationship, whereby we work with and support our customers as they endeavour to grow and look to do more with their hard-earned assets.

BTB Money work with their customers, offer suggestions and alternatives and are able to refer customers to independent and licensed advisors for validation.